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Registration Fees include permanent database registration, printable certificate, optional public or private website listing, optional puppy data collection

Co Pilot Breeders - first two adult dogs at no cost 

Before registering dogs, be sure to sign up for the Breeder Membership. Newly approved breeders will receive a coupon code for the first year free. 

  • New Adult Dogs not registered as puppies ​: $30.00

  • Add an outside stud without registration to allow litter registration  $20.00

  • Add health testing to a registered puppy (over 18 months) to convert to Adult Registration: $ 15.00

  • Litter registration  $ 15.00/puppy includes:

  • optional FiNano microchip (microchips required prior to leaving breeder. You may acquire on your own if you wish)   

  • Printable certificate for each puppy

  • Customizable letter for puppy parents and their veterinarian introducing CDR 

  • Email invitation to puppy parents to participate in data collection on temperament and health for 2 years (data collected is for breeder and CDR quality improvement and is not publicly reported) 




1. Verify that requirements are met. Health testing requirements are based on the individual dogs breed or mix. You can assume that all tests generally recommended for any breed included in your dogs mix will be needed. Each dog is reviewed individually by Dr. Hekman and if more testing is required we will work with you to make specific recommendations and can always approve your dog later. A less than perfect score on a test does not necessarily mean your dog wont qualify. If you would like to consult before applying, please email and we are happy to help. 

Dogs you do not own may be added for the purposes of registering a litter if all health and temperament requirements are met,  however they will not be registered and must be resubmitted for each breeding. Only dogs of approved members may be registered. 

2. Submit Application

2. Submit Payment- you may wait until your application is approved if you like. We will send you a link to pay when you are approved. Co-pilot breeders get their fist two adult registrations at no cost.




1. Verify that requirements are met.

  • Sire and Dam have both been added to the CDR database ( CDR registration is for a lifetime, but outside studs you do not own must be added each time) 

  • Predicted COI of litter is 10% or less per Embark OR the Sire and Dam contain none of the same breeds (F1 or similar cross)

  • There are no concerns for matching carrier status on DNA testing 

  • The pairing is carefully chosen to complement each other in structure, temperament and health. 

  • If you would like to consult before registering, please email and we are happy to help.

2. Submit Application

3. Submit Payment  (may be done after application is approved) 

We will respond within one week to all new applications. Thank you for registering with CDR. 


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