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Companion Dog Registry 

CDR is unlike any other dog registry in North America. We only register dogs who meet strict  health and temperament criteria, and the puppies from APPROVED BREEDINGS of those dogs.


Our registry tracks breed content, but we don't care about purity. We care about genetic diversity and the glorious individuality of each canine companion. In fact, we don't approve breedings that will produce puppies with the high level of inbreeding that can harm dog health.


A CDR registered puppy is always an excellent choice. Not because of its purity or a guarantee it will be the perfect dog, but because you know it came from a professional, knowledgeable breeder, its parents live great lives, and it was given the very best possible start in life.


CDR registered puppy owners have the unique opportunity to participate in data collection about their puppy as it grows, helping to insure that the puppies of the future be even healthier, happier companions. We keep in touch with puppy families for the life of each dog, and work to improve health and well being one generation at a time. 

Read about requirements for registration  here.

Breeder Members access registration materials here

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