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CDP Breeder Meet Up
CDP Breeder Meet Up
Jun 02, 2024, 4:00 PM EDT

Our Mission 

The Companion Dog Project sets the standard for excellence in the breeding of dogs whose purpose is to be a family pet and works to improve access to sound dogs for everyone who seeks to share their life with a canine companion.

Our Approach   to breeding is different than many traditional kennel clubs. Our focus is on dog welfare first and foremost.  Combining guidance from the fields of ethology, veterinary science, canine behavior, genetics, and reproduction, we have designed ethical standards for husbandry and a breeding strategy specifically targeted at creating the healthy, resilient, functional pet dogs of the future. 

The Companion Dog Registry    (CDR)  is our pedigree registry. We register only dogs who meet strict criteria for temperament and health, and the puppies of approved breedings. We support visionary, non-traditional breeders, breed clubs and co-ops,  in their effort to continually evaluate results and improve practices.

Mission Statement
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